​​​​Seventieth Street Investment Partners

Serge Kasarda founded Seventieth Street Investment Partners (SSIP) in 2008 as a capital structure advisory firm to provide consulting services to real estate owners. Mr. Kasarda’s prior experience has given him unique insights into the debt and equity structuring needs of real estate owners. His experience over the past 25 years has included structuring of senior and subordinated debt as well as direct and joint venture equity investments.  

Prior to forming SSIP, Mr. Kasarda was a Director at BlackRock where he was hired to start the west coast Joint Venture equity group. In 2005 he transferred to the real estate high yield debt group to develop equity hybrid loan structures and acquire B Notes, Mezzanine debt and Preferred equity. Investments have included all property types ranging from performing to non performing.  Prior to joining BlackRock, Mr. Kasarda was a senior vice president at Bank of America in San Francisco originating transitional real estate loans and working out non performing loans of acquired banks. Mr. Kasarda is a 25 year veteran of the real estate industry with a vast knowledge of the debt an equity markets through his investment advisory and commercial banking experience.



Serge Kasarda

Managing Member