​​​​Seventieth Street Investment Partners

SSIP is a value investor that takes a cyclical approach to investing. We use top down analysis focusing on demand generators in the economy while looking for imbalances in local market supply.

MEDCO is a SSIP sponsored investment strategy focusing on the acquisition of medical office properties.  Our strategy is value oriented using a bottom up approach to analyzing investment opportunities.


Real Estate Investment & Advisory

Seventieth Street Investment Partners (SSIP) was created to provide advisory services to commercial real estate investors and operators.  Advisory services include: developing investment strategies, optimizing the capital structure, the placement of capital (senior debt, subordinated debt and joint venture equity), and property analysis to advise on enhancing returns through asset management.

Our Advisory Services are managed through Seventieth Street Investment Partners (SSIP), Seventieth Street Capital Advisors (SSCA), Seventieth Street Asset Management (SSAM), and MEDCO, a medical office investment strategy.


SSCA looks at the entire capital structure to determine how to efficiently capitalize a project, how to best structure the capital for the investors business plan, and then execute a strategy to source the capital.


SSCA takes a bottom up approach through asset and market diligence to enhance a property's value.  All facets of income, expenses and capital expenditures are reviewed for reposition and disposition of assets.